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Thread: encountered a problem and needs to close

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    encountered a problem and needs to close

    Hello, I have been learning how to use Navivoice. Great program. I have tested it on my home pc and works good (still learning the program). However, on my carpc and one other pc in house the programs (both navivoice and configurenavivoice) crash at startup. Both the version of xp pro on these other machines have been tweaked for performance.

    I'm hoping someone might know of what I might have done to xp that won't allow navivoice to run. All of my machines are running SAPI6.1. Other voice control software works (e.g, road runner embedded, bruno.). I'm thinking it must be related to some xp service not running or some other registry tweak that I have done . So far this is the first executable that won't run on these tweaked systems. Any suggestion would greatly be appreaciated, thanks.

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    NaviVoice doesn't work on nLited machines.

    How to narrow it down: do performance tweaks one by one on the machine that it works, and run NV after each. When it starts crashing, then the tweak you did is at fault.


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