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    I have this old idea of utilizing my windshield for display purposes. Over the last couple of years I've done some experimenting with high intensity LEDs and various mirror setups. The results were not quite what I expected.

    Recently, on luxury cars like BMW and Corvette, there has been a HUD option. I (think) I have localized the manufacturer of those, but have not been successful in finding a reseller. In fact the mfg. hasn't returned my mail at all... :-(

    Maybe You could do a try. I'm sure its an interesting alternative to TFT/LCD!

    This is a link for more information:

    Kind regards,

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    HUDs are not a recent option on cars. A 1993 Pontiac Bonneville SSEi has a HUD that shows speed, turn signals, low fuel, etc. Most HUDs only show very specific information as they use Vacuum Flourescent Displays (VFDs) to show the information. I'm not aware of anyone utilizing a pixel-based display for a HUD. Cadillac and BMW have a video-based HUD for their night vision systems.

    If you're looking for one to experiment with, the wrecking yards/auto recyclers are the place to search. GM has them in the Pontiac Bonneville and Grand Prix, the Chevy Corvette and Buick Park Avenue. Nissan had a speed-only HUD in the 240SX.

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    Maybe OLED displays will improve this type of feature?

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