Just wanted to toss out another update for everyone.
Progress on CarMa is coming along incredibly fast.

We have working builds now with a neigh completed Library, Music, Rating, & Playlist sections of the application. During the month of February we will be working on Video playback and more advanced and customizable Playlist creation and saving.

So some of the features we have working now are a rating [love it, hate it] system for your music which will be incorporated into the dynamic playlists that CarMa is able to generate for you, which also includes most songs played, most recent played, loved songs from the 90's, etc etc etc. These will eventually be customized to whatever parameters you would like in later builds.

We have multiple directory scanning so different users may use different libraries in the program. Files are scanned in the background of CarMa and added to the library dynamically so you are able to still use the program 100% while this happens.

The scrubber is now fully functioning as well.

Playlist counting is also working already. CarMa will automatically keep track of the 10 last files/playlists/folders you have loaded and users are able to flip through these by the click of a button. This number is also configurable.