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Thread: Update 02/'09 - some more detail

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    First, sorry for the delay.
    It's been a really busy month for me personally.

    Apart from that, I still made good progress on CarMa.
    I had 2 serious performance issues with some areas of the application and had to redesign a couple of areas.

    I'm able to give a good state-of-the project this week, as soon as I finish the core related issues.

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    Hey guys, yeah we apologize for the massive delay over the past 2 weeks. We had a big roadblock with some code and optimizing and ended up backing ourselves into a corner with some of it, so we took the last 2 weeks or so redoing a huge chunk of the code and optimizing it all. Some of our systems were updated as well, to 64 bit, so we had a little block re-configuring those.

    Anyway, we are back on track now and will be posting updates soon.

    The part of the code we were redoing was how the program listed the items of the database, like the music and video library. The way we have it re-done now is that it functions like the iPod's interface, complete with elasticity and flick scrolling. It's pretty awesome actually. So yeah we're trying to get all the little details and speed in that we can to make it the best interface we can have.

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    When do you think can we see a demo/beta version??

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    sounds great, thanks for the update. Also looking forward to when this will be complete enough for beta testing. Appreciate your hard work

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