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Thread: Some news

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    Some news

    We have released a new build this week. Some of the bigger changes are:

    - Camera viewer module - can take a video feed from any QT-supported device and show it on the screen (in either workarea or full screen mode). It can also record the video to the disk - as a QT movie or as a sequence of images with defined fps/interval. Any available system data can be superimposed on the image. With a suitable IR camera, the module can also be used for night vision.

    - HQCT control module supports HQCT eA (including power management and amplifier controls).

    - Weather module is now using the final version of the icons/images

    - Navigation now supports POIs with proximity alarm definable

    - Phidgets connector has been improved, new module was added to process data from sensors to equalize oscillating values (i.e. fue level sensor)

    - IMAP4 support for messaging

    - Monitor module now supports level indicators for all values, it also supports proper logging. New "ComputerInfo" module provides monitor with system status data (temperatures, CPU load, RAM usage)

    - NMEA module can now log data into .kml or .gpx files
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    just when I tell myself that I'm not gonna do a mini in my ride you have to go and make some cool new additions and make me change my mind...

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    Hi Jirka,

    Is this build available to everybody, or is it just a private release. I still only see 1.6.1 on your web site, so I was just wondering.



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