The Qube is the newest IO innovation by Nilok Productions. It connects to your computer via high speed USB and enumerates as a generic HID device. That means there are no drivers for PC, Mac, or Linux.

The Qube has 24 "nodes".
  • The first 12 nodes are "high power outputs" capable of 500mA output for relays, solenoids, motors, etc.
  • The remaining 12 are each configurable as an input or an output.
  • 10 of them are analog capable so you can hook up your sensors (temperature, voltage, current, frequency, light, etc).
  • 4 of them are "interrupt" nodes, used for time-critical readings (rotary encoders, IR decoders, etc).
  • 2 of the nodes are configured to be a simple serial module for serial modules (bluetooth, etc).

Each Qube takes a modular approach. The current firmware revision supports:
  • Any node PWM
  • I2C communication
  • Rotary encoders
  • Analog readings
  • Bluetooth
  • IR decoders

Future revisions will support:
  • Saving node configurations
  • User programmable functions
  • A vast array of sensors

I am working on a simple DLL to communicate with the Qube libraries. Hopefully there will be integration with RR very soon!