Latest Version: 0.32

This codec is REQUIRED: Otherwise CarPal will report the wrong mp3 length for VBR files:
That one should work, it works on both of my machines.
If for some reason it doesn't work, try this one:

The source may not match the version of the binaries. I am working to keep them up to date in parallel, but sometimes the source jumps ahead, and sometimes it's a day or two behind.

Changes from 0.31:
- Fixed an IPCMessage issue where messages with no arguments would have one argument by default.
- Fixed issue where CarPal would crash on exit after updating the Direct Show Mp3 Parser.
- Pause button now operates as one would assume it would.
- Play button now operates as one would assume, sans restarting the song. This was a bugfix.
- Last loaded playlist will be saved and reloaded when CarPal is opened again. If a song is playing when CarPal is shut down, it will be started over when CarPal starts.
- Total song duration now reports correctly with a user update of DirectShow's mp3 parser. Link will be provided upon release.
- Skins now contain an onload definition, so they can send a command upon being loaded. Eg: <onload cmd="MediaPlayer:media Stop"/>
- Fixed some slightly buggy code which would sometimes not work.
- Added in some debugging help for initial plugin development. Will print out an error message with a number at the end, this number corresponds to a line number in the LoadPlugin function of the DotNetInterface.