RevFE has had the ability to load RR skins for a few versions now, and as I work through the process of internally converting RR skins to RevFE's window format I'm running into an issue. As far as I can tell, the way RR works... is you have a single playlist (audio_player). You also have a media browser (audio_browser) which allows you to add files to this playlist. Unfortunately this conflicts a bit with how RevFE does things, as RevFE allows you to save multiple playlists and edit each playlist individually.

What I'm wondering is which of these ways should I do this:

A: Leave RR's functionality the same when I load a skin, where you only have one playlist and can add-remove files from it.
B: Set it up so RR's Audio_Browser lists playlists, you will lose the ability to add/remove files from the playlists using an RR skin. I suppose I could partially negate this effect by having a separate application for a playlist editor.

I figured I'd ask the users if I have any... 17 downloads of the latest version means someone has got to have an opinion