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Thread: RevFE 0.60 - Release Candidate 1

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    RevFE 0.60 - Release Candidate 1

    Latest Version: 0.60-RC1

    This is the first release since I decided to make RevFE publicly available again. Please create a thread here if you have any issues, or if you like it. It may seem like I have taken a few steps back in functionality, however this is just on the surface. All the previous functionality is still there, but I may not have it displayed, or the plugins included until I feel that they are to a point where they are useful as anything other than a technology demo.

    Documentation is available at It is by far incomplete, however I am working on it.


    Microsoft Visual c++ 2010 redist is required to run RevFE on most systems:


    Linux binaries not available

    You can feel free to download the 0.60-RC1 tag and compile it, there are several modifications required to get it to run (specifically deleting certain plugins/settings files). If anyone is interested in how to do this, I will show you how.

    Or download it using your GIT client:
    git clone git://
    git checkout 0.60-RC1

    Plugins included:
    MediaEngine - Main media player for RevFE
    MediaLibrary - Media Library support. This handles playlists and id3tags.
    RadioPalPlugin - Visteon/Directed HD Radio support
    ObdMatePlugin - ELM based obd2 support
    GPSReaderPlugin - GPS status and location

    QML based UI.
    libvlc for audio playback.
    Trimmed down the core set of plugins and skin pages for functionality display.
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