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Thread: RR work with Windows Vista 32 and 64?

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    I was having some strange problems with the mixer on RR (latest version) under Vista Home Premium until I set the compatibility mode on RoadRunner.exe to "XP Service Pack 2" and now all is fine using the All Lines selection in RR config which was what I used on my old machine.

    Simple fix if you have to move to a Vista machine which I did. (Old development machine died). New one came preloaded so I figured I might as well move on. So far no issues with either Vista or RR.

    Since I am just starting with my new machine, I have to try all of my RR additions that are .exe files. I any don't, I at least have an option to try compatibility mode.

    Oh yes, and I'm running winamp 5.5.1 natively (no compat mode).

    "erricson_nguyen", thanks for the tip.


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    I only see one reason that Vista may be better in a car environment. There are many reasons against it, most CarPC's simply aren't up to specs for the most part, and that right there is a really big reason

    What is fantastic is the new hybrid standby/hibernate. If you put the computer in stand by, it also saves the info to the hard drive. If you do not lose power, the computer will start instantly. If you do lose power, it will just come out of hibernation.

    I have never tested the system draw, power wise, of a computer in standby, but would imagine it is minimal enough to last at least a day. Considering a tiny laptop battery can run a computer normally for around 2 hours of use. A shutdown controller could then be set to say if x hours in standby, power it off, to prevent a dead battery in the car.
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    I am planning on running Vista (32bit of course) and RR, and iGuidance on my carputer... am I crazy?

    Is there anyone out there actually running RR, iGuidance3 and Vista on a daily basis? Is it 100 % functional?
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    appart from the above mentioned mixer problems its fine, and just as repsonsive as XP Pro was on my SP13000

    Some of the reason they spec up the hardware requirements is to force people to upgrade to newer PC's... Don't install Aero and its fine
    UAC has to be off too

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