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Thread: How to update WinAmp llibrary with added titles?

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    How to update WinAmp llibrary with added titles?

    I just set up EZSync to transfer songs from my home computer to the car computer over wifi. Works great except that the new songs don't appear under the "Genre", "Artist", "Album" at the top of the audio browser list in the RR skin (they do appear as separate folders at the bottom). However, if I go into WinAmp and update its media library manually, then it appears in those categories.

    Is there a way to make this automatic? EZsync has a provision for running a script after the sync. Is it possible to use this to have WinAmp update the library from an external script? Or perhaps I should update the media library on the home computer and just copy that over to the car pc as well? Or is there a better way to manage this in RR?

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    There are settings in the winamp library to update the files either when winamp starts or on a timely basis. If you'd like to have a "command" per say to update the library, you could toggle it to scan it when starting winamp then just use the closewinamp and startwinamp commands to relaunch it. Once winamp has updated the library, it only takes you going into a folder and then going back to your music path to reload it into RR -- this could be done with the setpath command to make the whole thing automated.

    If your files and paths are the same on your desktop and carpc, you could definitely copy the media library as well -- in fact this would work even without the media library plugin installed in the carpc, but if ANY filename or path is different in your carpc then it would screw it up.
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    Works great, thanks!

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