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Thread: Car2PC - short audio silence in RR when changing screens

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    Car2PC - short audio silence in RR when changing screens


    I'm using the original ver of the BMW car2pc adapter, with native support in RR. I assigned buttons 1 - 6 to bring up different screens (e.g. GPS, Browser, Audio etc) however, every time I press one of the buttons to change the screen, winamp audio blanks out for about 1 second. I set all the buffers in winamp to max, and am running a P4 2.8Ghz with 512MB RAM. If I navigate to the various menus via the touchscreen, this problem does not occur. Is anybody else experiencing this? Any fixes out there?



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    It can be that stereo mutes to switch the disks even the disk remains the same.
    On some stereos it s unavoidable
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    sounds about right.. I think mine does that too. Mine also does a BEEP every time I press any other key, though I was able to disable that in the HU settings.
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    Thanks jbors and guino! I am very happy with your respective products!! Keep up the excellent work.



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