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Thread: TV and WAVE volume setting

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    TV and WAVE volume setting

    I have a WinTV USB2 and I am using the builtin support.

    When I click TV (runs the TV) command, the volume level of the WAVE line in MIXER shows that is has been changed by some % of the WINAMP level.

    If the WINAMP level is below 50%, the WAVE volume goes to zero or close to it.

    If the WINAMP level is above 50%, The WAVE level goes to 100%.

    And on exit from TV, it remains there. In the case of it being lowered, it means that MUSIC is so soft that it can't be heard and has to be manually adjusted.

    Any thoughts?


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    Try this in your ExecTBL.ini file

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    BTW, nice truck!

    When I enter TV while XM is playing, XN=M play stops, TV shows but with no sound. Checking MIXER shows both WINAMP and WAVE set VERY low. If I go directly to the mixer (all my screens have MIXER), I can adjust the volume of WinAmp and Wave back to correct levels.

    When I leave TV (via EXIT) and was playing XM, XM play resumes. However, if I came into TV from MUSIC, there is no sound until I go to MIXER and adjust Wave, WinAmp is back where it should be.


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