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Thread: Webcam use in RR

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    Webcam use in RR

    Hi All,

    is it possible to use two webcams (one of which has been modified for enhanced IR sensitivity) to use as rearview (auto activated throught the reverse gear) and frontview (IR mod) ?

    Can I change the front-ends setup so I can use a separate 5.6 inch monitor (PAL - Composite video) to display front or rearview webcams ?

    I like to use a 7 inch touchscren as main menu/radio/mp3/tv/DVD and such and the 5.6 inch LCD monitor as front and rearview only.

    Best Regards, Sander Tel.

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    this has nothing to do with rr and nothing to do with an FAQ Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    Actually this should be possible with a little bit of research and work. Road Runner can work with Dual monitors. You just make a skin that is 1600 x 600. (800 x 600 side by side, think extended desktop). One the left you could have the main menu's and such, and the right side of the screen you could have your cam viewer 'side of the skin".

    What it would then come down to is just using a cam viewer software that can switch between camera's embedded in the Road Runner skin. Just default the cam software to your forward viewing camera. When you reverse, you can send a signal to the PC (CDRSkull wrote a nice USB joystick reader to send inputs into Road Runner) just send a keystroke or command line parameter to the webcam software to switch views.

    this is all 100% "do-able" it will just take a bit of tinkering around to get it all to work.
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    this might be usefull

    works great as long as you have different drivers for each camera. Then you just need the double width skin and usedualmon

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