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Thread: Trying to get my RR setup!

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    Trying to get my RR setup!

    Hey folks,

    First off let me say hello to every one and what a great resource this site has been. Im new to the whole Carputer / Frontends thing but I think im ready to get RR set up. I have had my carputer for 2 months now. Ive been using ICT (last 3 weeks) due to its ease of use, but going off what ive read RR is the way to go.

    I bought this setup off ebay awhile back.

    Carputer Car PC System -M2-ATX PSU + VoomPC-2 Enclosure
    w/ VIA C7 1.5G Mini-ITX +PCMCIA +512MB DDR2 +120GB HDD

    New Dynamix WideScreen 8 LCD VGA Touch Screen Monitor

    Also bought a basic "Duel" stereo with audio in the rear.(cheap but ill upgrade later)

    If anyone has any thoughts on these i wouldnt mind hearing them.

    My plan is to get it all set up on my desktop then when its ready move it over to the truck pc.

    Well here I go, ill post a question when i run into it im sure someone will gimmie a hand.

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    Welcome and Good Luck !!!

    If you made your own skin, visit

    at the



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