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Thread: issues with my carpc and latest RR update

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    issues with my carpc and latest RR update

    I got some problems here that i don't know if they are related with the current release. Everything was working fine until this update. Config:via m10k, turtlebeach soundcard, 512ram, bu gps receiver. Now this has been running pretty slow but when the RR update was installed it got slower. As you run road runner, the system goes to 100cpu usage and rr.exe is eating 80mb of ram. It was tested on another system and it was only 15mb. Also When the xm receiver was plugged in, it didn't exactly work too well, so it was removed and the port was changed to 0 in rrconfig. Any ideas of what's going on here?

    Also I notice when I pause music playing on the carpc, the cpu usage drops down and the system stops lagging

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    I have had a few posts related to this in my skin thread. About 4 people have reported it so far. Here is one of the messages, that looks almost exactly like what you described above. He mentions iGuidance, which fits perfectly with your GPS issues as well.

    Here are couple of the posts from that thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by ohioG35 View Post
    So, I have an AMD athlon under clocked at about 1ghz, on board video and half a gig of ram... I've been running into the 100% CPU that some others seem to have.

    I've read the faqs and posts and have done the main things. I've disabled flash in the skin(photo.exe), installed winamp 2.95. The problem seems to revolve around IG.

    Outside of RR it runs fast, updating about once a second and not lagging at all, once embedded it runs slow, refreshing once every ~5 seconds and far behind where I am. At some point after running the software will lock up, the mouse will still move but RR buttons are unresponsive. It seems no matter how long I wait it doesn't resolve it's self. I can quit and come back and things will be fine for a few minutes (40% cpu at most) then all of a sudden the CPU gets pinged and i have to repeat the process.

    I'm not sure its a resource thing since I've taxed my system harder with more things in the past without an issue. It seems to be an infinite loop or partial crash.

    Is this something others have experienced and if so any recommendations?

    Have i missed anything? Could it be RR its self?
    Quote Originally Posted by leatherboy View Post
    I 've installed the latest version of DFX 2-5-07. Now when I use RR whatever i do the program freezes after 4-5 minutes. I uninstalled everything and I installed RR and DFX from the start. I have the same problem. In the tasks (CTRL + ALT + DEL) i can see that RR uses 94-100 % of the cpu.(When it starts, cpu load is 10-20%). Strange is that the music is palying and sometimes mute-unmute is working. If I end RR task everything is fine. I ddn't have any problem with the previus install. Any thoughts?
    It is worth noting, that it has been verified it is not a flash problem from either of these to posts. I have a strictly non flash menu skin for people that have flash problems (No Flash clocks, Spinning Logo's ect) and both reports above were while using that Non-Flash menu skin.

    I personally have not run into this problem on my machine, using the same skin that they are using, and the same version of RR.
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    Hi John, I tested my car pc yesterday night and today morning. I always have the same reaction. When I start RR cpu load goes to 90% and it falls to 65-70 % after 5-10 secs where it stays. When I press menu goes at 100% and from this moment I can't do anything except mute - unmute (it works fine and the music plays fine because winamp is running with 0-1 % cpu load). When I press any other button it feels like it is pressing but there is no response. Touchscreen is working. I have a serial GPS. Even when I remove it RR do the same. I changed flash player 8 with another version. The same (can I have your version?). I searched in some threads, and found that someone wrote to check in RR.INI for the line fastmode=-1. That this should be only one time and not twice and with the value -1 and not 1. Someone else wrote that there is a line screenlimit= and the value must be higher than 3. I didn't find this line but I tried it. No result. To my desktop pc RR and DFX work fine but I have the previous versions. If I remember well it starts when I installed the latest version of DFX over the previous (I mean without uninstall the previous DFX). Of course later I removed everything and I did it from the start. The only think I didn't check is registry. Do you believe that could be a record that could cause this problem?

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    John, after reading that I did notice another Similarity. Though winamp and IG might be the instigators after RR is terminated the other 2 continue on fine. I'll try to crash it w/o music to see if that is adding to the problem.
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    problem was solved by installed winamp version 2.95

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