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Thread: nRoute SKIN for RR and MC2.0

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    any response... ?
    Englishlessness :(

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    I tried your nRoute skin, but unfortunately it did not work perfectly for me.
    For example: there were some clicks on wrong tabs in Preferences window.
    You have created some AutoHotKey scripts (they are in exe format) for complex "jobs" to remote nRoute.
    It is a very good idea, but in my case it did not worked perfectly.
    To investigate the problem I decompiled some of the exe files.

    I found mouse movements and clicks in the decompiled scripts, but there were not any tab selection.
    Part of the decompiled U-turns script:
    WinWaitActive, Preferences,
    MouseClick, left,  55,  248
    Sleep, 100
    I think it is not always the best way to use Autohotkey macro recorder for this tasks, because it usually uses mouse movements and clicks.

    I have a solution to activate the appropriate Routing tab in Preferences window and uncheck U-Turns box without mouse movements.
    WinWaitActive, Preferences, 
    SendMessage, 0x130C, 9,, SysTabControl321, Preferences  
    Sleep, 100
    Control, Uncheck, , U-Turns, Preferences  
    Sleep, 100
    Please try it, think it over, if you need my help please write me.
    I left a message to you on the Hungarian pc2car forum too.

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    ill try it... i use macro recorder to make an exe...
    where can i read the doc of autohotkey?

    YESYES please help me.. i know my """solution""" is very simple and sometimes don't work correctly, but i don't know autohotkey....

    Ducsi akkor ott magyarságosan megbeszélgetjük ok? az jobban megy ))
    Englishlessness :(

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    How do I install the Nroute skin?

    I downloaded the file. I unzipped everything.
    I have put everything in the RR skin dir.

    When I start RR I only see the default skin. Not the one I downloaded.
    What should I change in Nroute?
    I see there is a file. I unzipped that one to.
    Where Do I have to put all the script exe's to?

    How do I tell RR that I would like to have Nroute als deafult gps program

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    osa2: I have modified the skin, but it has only a hungarian install file.
    I am going to create an english readme. You will be informed!

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    I have modified the nRoute skin scripts and the skin commands.

    I have modified the original nRoute_Lang.dll from v2.7.6 to get touch-screen friendly dialogs.

    For example it was the original Find Places window:
    Name:  original_nroute_window.jpg
Views: 1074
Size:  55.0 KB

    Modified window with better resulution and bigger buttons:
    Name:  modified_nroute_window.jpg
Views: 1105
Size:  62.9 KB

    You can download the nRoute skin from HERE.


    - RoadRunner
    Installer with add-ons:

    - MC2.0 skin for RoadRunner, (it is optional, but recommended)
    Release - MC2.0 Skin

    - Garmin nRoute (v2.7.6 it is free, you must use this version)
    + Garmin maps (not free)

    nRoute skin install steps:

    Step 0. (if you have) completly remove the previous version
    (Delete scripts from c:\!nRoute_SCRIPTZ, delete added lines from rr.ini and ExecTBL.ini, delete skin and jpg files)

    Step 1. Copy the files from to your selected RR skin folder
    (for example in case of MC2.0 C:\Program Files\Road Runner\skins\MC2.0\)
    but skip to copy dll files.

    Step 2. Set the followings on GPS tab of RR config:
    - GPS Mode: external
    - GPS Path: C:\Garmin\nRoute\nRoute.exe
    - GPS Window Name: !{5C80D9AE-4379-4cf3-B619-E97D5D1FEADC}

    Step 3.Copy nRoute_Lang_eng.dll file from to C:\Garmin\nRoute\ folder
    and rename the original nRoute_Lang.dll to nRoute_Lang.dll.bak
    and rename the modified nRoute_Lang_eng.dll to nRoute_Lang.dll

    About the developers:
    We are from Hungary.
    Original idea and design by GuMiSZu.
    Scripts and modifications by Ducsi.

    Please feel free to comment it!

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    This is what I was looking for. Just a doubt. How did you modify the original DLL? Do you have the entire project? I would like to do more custom screens. Can you share with us the project? (nroute language dll)

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    I am sorry, I don't have any source files.
    I made my modifications with Resource Hacker.

    Resource Hacker is a freeware utility to view, modify, rename, add, delete and extract resources in 32bit Windows executables and resource files.

    Just simply open nRoute_Lang.dll with this tool to edit the dialogs.
    I have completly removed the first nag screen....from nRoute.

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    Miami, FL / Caracas, Venezuela
    Hey ducsi, thanks for the new version of this SKin, I am presently living in Venezuela, and nRoute is the only GPS solution available here. Everything works great, except for 2 things.

    1- The On Screen Keyboard does not work with my touch screen. I have a laptop which I use for testing purposes, and there I can use the On screen keyboard perfectly, I can type in street names, cities, etc. However in the touch screen it does not work, When I want to route to an adress for example, I get the menu (Your edited dll screens) on top and the keyboard on the bottom half of the screen, if I type right away the keyboard works, however if I first click (or touch) the top half of the screen to select the area I wan to type in, (for example I want to type in the city name, or the street name), I click on the area i want to type, and I can see the cursor flashing there waiting for input, I then go and press with my fingers on the keyboard (bottom section of the screen) and i see no text that appears on the top half of the screen where the text should appear, in fact every time I press a key on the keyboard I can hear the Windows "Error Ding", its as if the top half loses focus and the keyboard doesn´t know where to send the output. Any idea how I can fix this problem?? does the On screeen keyboard work for you on your touch screen?

    2- I see you have a back button on the bottom left of the skin, the function of this button is defined in the .skin file and it is presently set to "MAIN" I however want to change the functionality so it actually CLOSES Nroute when I press that button, and not leave it runnin in the background, any idea on how I can achieve this?

    I appreciate your help and look forward to your feedback.

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    thanks for the good words and your feedback.

    One of my hungarian friend has a same issue with virtual keyboard.
    I am going to solve the problems in the next few afternoons. (I am currently in the office...)

    Could you please try the followings until my next "patch":
    when you want to type into a field at the top, please don't click there,
    use only TAB key on virtual keyboard to navigate the cursor into the appropiate field.

    About BACK button:
    I does not close the nRoute application, it leaves nroute.exe in the background (winthout window). Please check it with task manager. When you select navigation again it became active.

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