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Thread: Where is the "pipe" symbol?

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    Where is the "pipe" symbol?

    Was reading skin commands.txt and it refers to a "double pipe" (two vertical lines) character but i can't find it on the keyboard.

    Can somebody point me in the right direction.

    P.S. Of course i searched!

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    Should be right above the 'Enter' key on most US keyboards(same button as '\'). Hold down shift and press this button.
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    If you don't have it on your keyboard for some reason, but do have a number pad, (unlikely if you don't have the pipe key - but worth a shot), you can type <alt>+0124 (hold <alt> while typing those four digits) on the num pad to get a pipe.

    Oh yea, type two of them to get the "double pipe" Hey, it does sound like you're looking for the double-pipe key

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    And where is the "Any Key"

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    Tooshay! Thanks for the info.

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