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Thread: Streets 07 GPS enable via skin command?

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    I tried using it, and via F2 it works great. Love it. But how do I script it in RR? When I used the "SENDKEY;{F2}" when I hit the GPS button, it doesn't do anything. I think I need to use the ACTIVATE script to put the Keys program in focus... right? What's the screen name of Keys? I want it to open the GPS panel of my RR skin and then run S&T.

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    gps button

    you must run keys aleast once outside of rr before running rr
    i'm in the middle of makeing a help file for this,you will also find a few problems.

    1:full screen func. will not work properly in rr as it uses a different window name.
    2:menu button is a bit low if your skin has anything at the bottum of the screen ,easy fix.
    3. also "hush hush you did'nt hear it from me" i can also send you the line to anwser the drive guidance warning we will not put this in as default as it goes agaisnt the liscence,pm for the line changes for the above.

    go to rrconfig

    in the gps root start with keys:

    c:\program files\keys

    window name Map - Microsoft AutoRoute
    Streets & Trips
    run keys on own not with rr go to options via clicking k icon near clock
    de-activate F2 function,close programs and run rr again don't use F2 key to start keys.

    i will try to answer what i can,might be worth keeping this trhead open for ST and AR issuses and keys .

    have fun and good luck with the program

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    I ended up not using Keys, because it takes a long time to load for some reason. I discovered these sendkey commands to activate the GPS panel boxes:

    Start GPS tracking: %TGS
    Arrange Map View: %TGM
    Create GPS Trail: %TGG

    It's %T to open the Tools menu, G to open the GPS submenu, and then the underlined letter in the GPS submenu.

    So for example, I replace the OSK button script with the following:
    (postion)... "ACTIVATE;Microsoft Streets & Trips||SENDKEY;%TGS||SENDKEY;%TGM||SENDKEY;%TGG"," Activate GPS"

    Now if I could just figure out how to get it to start up in Terrain view... for some reason saving the map in that view does nothing.

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