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Thread: PC Remote Control

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    PC Remote Control

    I am trying to replace the buttons on the steering wheel of my car with the griffin airclick to control my car pc
    The problem is that the griffin airclick don’t control the master volume on the pc! So I cant use it if I am watching a video or if I am lessening to the radio, not to mention that I cant change the channels with the (FF >>) or (<<FR)
    Is there a way to make it work with all the software’s simultaneously?
    I like the griffin airclick because it has 5 buttons same as the ones on my steering wheel and it is small enough to hide
    If griffin can’t do it is there any other product than will do and is easy to retrofit to my steering wheel buttons?

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    instead of using the griffin software why don't you use girder? you can send any command to rr via girder including volume and changing channels.

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    very intrested
    more detals pls, what is girder?

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    Quote Originally Posted by koko View Post
    very intrested
    more detals pls, what is girder?
    Google "Girder" All will be revealed
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    I think you will need v 3.29 ?? as the last free version.

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