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Thread: Can't Compile the new RR 4-11-07

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    Weird. I reinstalled MapPoint 2006 and see MapPointControl.ocx in the c:\program files\Microsoft Mappoint directory but I still get

    Line 19: Class MapPointCtl.MappointControl of control Map was not a loaded control class.

    I made sure the ocx was registered using regsvr32, try to compile and I get a "compile error: User-defined type not defined" on this line

    Private Pointers(36) As MapPointCtl.Symbol 'Pointers

    I made sure the Microsoft MapPoint Control 13.0 was checked in the Components section, tried to recompile and now I get an error
    "Method or data member not found"

    on this line

    frmMPT.Map.ActiveMap.Saved = True

    in modRoadRunner

    what am I missing here?


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    I can't find the DLL for speech either. Anyone have it handy?

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