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Thread: Mappoint Skin

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    Mappoint Skin

    I am not so sure I like the skin that has to be used for mappoint. I was wondering if there was a way to create our own skin so that it doesnt have to use the automatically disappearing screen. Id like to be able to use something like the external gps skin, and the external full screen gps skin. Thanks for any help, -MG

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    No thoughts on this. Is there any reason why Mappoint can't be used like iGuidance and embed in the skin as one sees fit. -MG

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    Have you tried setting in rr.ini:

    gpspath=[Mappoint.exe path]
    gpsname=[Mappoint windown name]

    This, in turn, will use the to embed mappoint and you can modify that as you wish.

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    I have tried that but then it makes it look like the application running by it self. I would like to embed it just like iGuidance and use buttons that are always visible. -MG

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