Hi all -

I am running an Intel Mac Mini carpc, and I have been testing XP under Boot Camp and Parallels. I am using Boot Camp more at the moment, because it gives me access to the wireless manager, bluetooth, and 4 USB 1.1 devices simultenously within XP, which I cannot seem to get to work in Parallels. Anyway, I am trying to listen to the audio coming into the "line in" on my Intel Mac Mini (which is connected via optical to my rush2112.net Sirius adapter). The Sirius adapter is definitely working, as I can change stations, see what's on them, see the signal levels changing, etc., but I cannot get any sound. Everything else is working - MP3s, DVDs, Nav, etc., and I have tried checking the volume inputs on Windows and it all looks good.

I have tried in RR config checking the use line in plugin, but still nada. I believe someone mentioned there had to be a plugin used for Boot Camp in take in and send out the sound, but I cannot find anything. Can anyone assists? Thanks!