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Thread: RR and Flash - Evaluating Play Status

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    ah, but you don't learn that way man!

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    ok i will tell you how i would design it from start..
    1. I would create 2 frames..1 frame would have the play graphics and one would have the pause graphics..
    2. I would put a button on that which will send the command PLAY (for pausing it is the same command) that button would just send the command - will not control the appearance of the or pause frame)

    3. What will control whether play or pause will be shown, will be the "STATUS code check" you have written..which will run once a second. and will send the movie to the appropriate frame..
    hope i helped

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    When using the play / pause I just added two pic's of the button, one with a play icon on it and one with a pause icon on it. I then named these playbut and pausebut and made them targets... I then added a sprite that looped on frame 5 back to frame 1.. using this sprite as a timer which checks for things like MASTERMUTE / STATUS etc.. the code would be something like..

    If (_root.STATUS == "PLAY"){
    _root.playbut._visible = TRUE;
    _root.pausebut._visible = FALSE;
    } else {
    _root.playbut._visible = FALSE;
    _root.pausebut._visible = TRUE;

    Just do the same for the MASTERMUTE as well, no other code is needed

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    Nomader, alright I understand what you are saying. I think with my situation, I am ONLY using the play/pause button to control the music, so since i had to press the button to change it and i was forcing it to show or hide, it worked fine. But if i used a remote and sent the pause/play command, the button wouldnt updated from pause/play unless it was constantly checking the status, so your method does make more sense. CdRsKuLL, you are pretty much saying to check it constantly too. I will work on this today.

    Thanks guys,

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    thanks for your help guys. I got everything working. I am running a loop that checks the status of everything once a second, if it sees any changes it adjusts the buttons accordingly.


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