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Thread: Frontend for MapPoint 2006 as Sat Nav

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    Frontend for MapPoint 2006 as Sat Nav

    Hi all,

    I have MapPoint 2006 and after playing with it in the trial version of street deck I really like what it offers, how well does it integrate with RR ?
    Does it still show all the 'windows style' menus on the left hand side of MapPoint, or has anyone made a touchscreen friendly frontend for it that just gives us the map with some nice buttons for routing etc..

    I'm interested to hear whats on offer for this as I'm tempted to have a go a coding a frontend myself using the SDK but don't want to re-invent the wheel if there is a solution already out there...


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    By the way, if purely for Navigation - you might look at Streets & Trips 2007 and also check out Streets & Trips 2008 as they both have more advanced navigation options and are a lot less expensive :-)
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    I was under the impression that S&T didn't have any SDK available though... I'll have to take a look

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