didn't know if this should go in the RR or Input Devices forum, but it seemed to be a RR specific thing, so here goes...

i have a powermate. i'm using the default programming software that comes with it, and not girder. i have all my sendkeys programmed, and everything is defined in the KeyTBL.ini file for each skin.

i start RR and everything is fine and dandy with the powermate. it does everything i want it to. some skins, i do not have programmed to work with the powermate, so i rely on the touchscreen instead. but once i start using the touchscreen, RR becomes totally unresponsive to the powermate commands. RR doesn't even respond to keyboard commands, either.

i wonder if this is a RR problem because i use the touchscreen to navigate to the DVD player. once there, PowerDVD opens up and it responds to the powermate commands with no problem.

any ideas?