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Thread: Volume problem with RR.

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    Volume problem with RR.

    I don't quite understand how the volume is set by RR, but I get something strange on reboots.

    First off, when I press the (+) volume button, the volume increases, and the volume % bar also moves to the right up until it reaches 100%, and the display doesn't change anymore, but with more presses of the (+) volume button, the volume continues to increase.
    Is that normal?

    And second, when I reboot the machine, and the music starts up again, the volume is the same as when the machine was shut down, but as soon as I push the (-) volume button the volume drops to almost zero.
    This happens only once, the very first time the (-) volume button is pushed.
    Is that normal?

    What I don't understand is what does the (+) and (-) volume buttons control. Is it the Wave volume or the main volume control, beacuse it seems that I can set both the wave and main volume manually (windows volume control panel), and as soon as I push either the (-) or (+) buttons, both the main and wave sliders jump to a low setting.

    I'm a little confused.

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    Changing / mapping the volume control in Road Runner

    You actually tell Road Runner what you want to use as the volume control:

    Open Road Runner Config, and scroll down to the music section. Change the area highlighted in yellow, with the drop down list, to whatever you want controlled when you press the UP / Down volume control.

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    @JohnWPB You mean you are still using that one...LOL...
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    is there a way to map it to winamp's volume control?

    okay I think I found the anwer:

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