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Thread: Launching RR with a specific skin

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    Launching RR with a specific skin


    Is it possible to launch RoadRunner.exe with a specific skin so I can integrate with my Logitech Nulooq navigator when pressing a button, it goes directly to the GPS skin?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Sorry enforcer, I wasn't specific. What I'm trying to do is, if I hit a specific button on the Navigator, it will start RR but with iGuidance skin. But if I just run RR normally, it would go to the home page.

    Not sure if it's possible such as:

    C:\Road Runner\RoadRunner.exe -start GPS.SKIN ??

    Thanks again.

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    Can you not have your Logitech Nulooq navigator send more than one command with a button press (preferably with a pause in between)?

    ie have it send the command to start RoadRunner and then (after a pause) send a hotkey command to goto GPS.

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    Thank you, you got me an idea. I can write a script in AutoIT to launch RR, then do a keyboard shortcut.

    Unfortunately, the Logitech is one command only. I really need to brush up my script skills

    Thanks again.

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    If you ALWAYS go to the GPS screen when running rr then you could also just rename the gps skin to and that way it will always start with menu, but then then any reference you make to MAIN in your skins will go back to the GPS screen.
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