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Thread: symbian/java software to control carputer

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    symbian/java software to control carputer

    I've been thinking a lot about bringing certain functions to my mobile phone and thought I'd see if anybody has any experience with wmousexp/. It's mainly meant to allow you to control PowerPoint/Media player through bluetooth but it could certainly be applied to carputer situations. The only drawback at this point is that there isn't yet an option to remap keys, so there's not much customization at this point. However, I've corresponded with Clearevo and it will be in the next release.

    I also asked whether the application needing to be controlled needs to be "active" and he told me that the software utilizes multimedia hotkeys, so it *should* be able to control the embedded winamp, I think.

    Anyway, for me, this was something worth looking into because it would be nice to not always have to interact with my TS and mapping actual keys on the phone helps because I can use it without looking at it -- and of course, it gives me control over RR outside of my car.

    Just wanted to know if people had tried this software and/or had any other explorations into controlling their carputer through bluetooth in Symbian.


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    I thought there was something in Phoco that could do that.
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    dont know anything about symbian, but there are a bunch of apps that do this on windows mobile and sony phones come stock with a bt remote. There should be a few options avail to the symbian users, it seems they have a lot of users etc but ive never had a symbian based phone.

    phoco does have a remote key function, but kind of over kill if all u want is a bt remote, plus im sure u can get a bt remote app for free. Does Phoco even support symbian? Either way just to get phoco to work with ur phone is a task in itself.

    what phone do u have?

    here are a few links i found for series 60 symbian

    personally im using sailling clicker on windows mobile and its super nice and easy to do what you need it to do. There is a bunch of nokia phones in the compatibility list so there has to be symbian client in there somewhere.
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    I use general
    bemused(sorry no link) controling winamp
    on my nokia E70

    Python Symbian60 3rd RemoteControl

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