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Thread: Go to Beginning of Track

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    Go to Beginning of Track

    I searched (I swear), but couldn't find an answer:

    I usually have a large playlist loaded set to shuffle randomly, and sometimes I want to go back to the beginning of the track. But when I hit 'back' it corrrectly goes to the previous track that was playing, and when I hit 'next' it doesn't always go to the song I wanted to go to the beginning of; it seems to usually randomize to any song.

    I know I can just re-select the song on the screen, but my screen is ususlly closed in my super-stealth install. So I use my steering wheel controls to select next, previous, volume, etc.

    Is there a way to set the 'previous' button to go to the beginning of a track instead of the previous track? My old car stereos would do that, and would go to the previous track after two presses.

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    Never mind. I found it in ExecTbl.ini

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