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Thread: Question on scrolling labels

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    Question on scrolling labels

    Hey guys -

    Searched the forums and couldn't find the answer to this:

    What are the valid values for the config "scrollmode"? Is there any way to tell RR not to apply a label change until after the current scroll is complete?

    I have my ECU logger (enginuity) integrated to RR and sending variable values to RR via the COM SDK. In my skin, I have a scrolling label that uses these variables. Unfortunately, every time my logger sets a variable value, the label scroll in RR immediately restarts. It would look much nicer if RR waited to change the label until the current scroll was complete.

    If there's no way to do this currently, I'm willing to take a crack at modding RR to make it so. Unfortunately, I'm a Java coder, not a VB coder so it'll be a brute force job.



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    This is in skin commands.txt:

    "LEFT" - Align left
    "RIGHT" - Align right
    "CENTER" - Align center
    "SCROLL-LEFT" - Align left, scrolls if contents don't fit
    "SCROLL-CENTER" - Align center, scrolls if contents don't fit
    "SCROLL-RIGHT" - Align right, scrolls if contents don't fit
    "SCROLL-UP" - Wrap text up and scroll up
    "WRAP" - Align left, wrap text to multiple lines when needed
    "WRAP-RIGHT" - Align right, wrap text to multiple lines when needed
    "WRAP-CENTER" - Align center, wrap text to multiple lines when needed

    Other than creating a "blank" space between the old and new scroll (which would cause a delay before showing the new info) there's hardly anything else you can do besisdes restart the effect. Idealistically, you'd only send updates to the label, when you know the information changed.
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    Thanks Guino. That's what I'm doing now (only sending the update when a value has changed), but some of the values (intake air temp for instance) do change fairly often, and when they do, the label immediately restarts its scroll.

    I'll take a crack at the code to see if I can come up with something.

    Also, awesome awesome app Guino. When I started my CarPC, I said I'd make a donation to RR if I ended up using it and it works well. I owe you a donation!


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