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Thread: Anyone own a UMPC?

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    Sorry it took so long, my camcorder died so I had to wait a week to buy a new one. Anyways, here it is,


    BTW, I am running IG3, not 4 my bad. If you need a better video I have the raw .avi file which is 230 megs, but clear as a whistle.

    Quote Originally Posted by liquid_smoke View Post
    that sounds good to me, i can wait. Max performance would be closer to a real world setup.
    Even though im kind of leaning towards a different type of setup, i still want to get a UMPC.

    Thanks in advance for the video.
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    That's a pretty fast UMPC.. nice!
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    LS, if you are still shopping for UMPC, i strongly recommend Q1U which comes with builtin keyboard and everything that everun has plus more... It's next version of Q1.. If you want something cheaper, go for Q1.. Pound to pound.. Everun is no match for Q1's intel processor.. People buy Everun cuz it has built in keyboard and it has outstanding battery time... But who care if u gonna hook it up to your car and run the power off cigar jack.. I don't own Q1 yet, but my friend has it.. I loaded RR and rr earth all that, with music on, it still runs with no lag... I think Used Q1 should be around 500 in the US... I kinda know this stuff cuz Korea has big market for UMPC and i researched a lot... There are a lots of UMPCs out there now in korea.. Can't believe how expensive they become when they travel overseas..... I have vega.. a piece of s**t, but it runs rr and ur beautiful skin fine... But slow.... I am shoppping for used Q1 now.... No point of getting overpriced Q1U since i don't need built-in keyboard and long battery time... ah.. also, q1u screen is bigger than everun I think.... I know q1's screen is 7inch so it's definately bigger than everun..

    don't get me wrong, those everun fans or users... i am just simply stating the facts.. If you care for battery time and smaller screen then, everun is ur choice, if not, decision is easy... U wanna get most out of ur money put into, Q1 is the winner... By the way, i don't work for SamSung... hehe....

    oh.. also, it's Samsung we talking about.. It's about the only brand from korea that has its name well known to the world... They make quality stuff...

    oh, one more thing.. everun is next version of vega i have...

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