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Thread: IGuidance 4 doesn't see GPS Sats

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    IGuidance 4 doesn't see GPS Sats

    I've searched a bit and didn't find the same problem I'm having...

    Was running IG3.01 and RR with no problems, upgraded to IG4, did the latest MS XP critical updates, but no software/hardware updates performed.

    Started IG4 as a stand alone, scan finds the GPS device, all works fine.

    Start up RR and tap the screen to bring up IG (set as native). IG screen shows up fine, but no response to me moving.

    Tried to scan/detect the GPS once inside RR, it won't find the device.

    Exit RR and let IG find the GPS device again. Then start RR, bring up IG4 (native =true or false - I've tried both), and IG does not see any satellites.

    If I start Road Runner, minimize it, then start IG4, it won't see any satellites.

    Kill off RR and restart IG4 (as a sand-alone) and it sees the satellites again fine - to include doing it without a rescan to find the device.

    I am not running the Sept 07 version of RR (yet) as I didn't want to introduce yet another variable.

    Not sure if there is any other data/info I should provide to help diagnose the problem.

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    What is your COM port setting on iG and RR? Remember RR also use a GPS COM port as well. If you don't want it, set it to 0.
    Do you use Xport3 or any virtual port splitter software?

    The problem you have is probably iG and RR fight to get the same GPS COM port.
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    I don't use Xport or any other virtual programs. I don't use RR to do any GPS things like a speedo or whatever. I will check the RR setting, but IG4 and MS S&T 2007 see the GPD puck at Com3

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    My IG4 also has trouble automatically detecting my gps... i hafta force it to detect through the menus. This's stand along ig4, no rr.

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    Thanks for the insight. I had RR set to use Com3 as well as IG. I have no idea why it worked with IG3 (to have IG and RR both use port #3), but setting RR to 0 is working.

    Now I can get busy trying out transparency, etc. in the newer RR versions.

    Once again - THANKS,


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    You should use XPort so split the port anyway. You'll gain a lot more functionalities in RR if it has its own port.
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