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Thread: Smart Views in Winamp 5.x via RR

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    Smart Views in Winamp 5.x via RR

    In my search for a neat solution for listening to podcasts via RR, I'm finding the most useful path to be via Smart Views in Winamp 5.x media library and I'm trying to work out how to shoehorn it in to working from RR directly.

    I have a subscribing and downloading solution sorted out which puts the mp3s into a folder structure on my music drive, sets their genre to "podcast" and auto-deletes them after 2 weeks, and Winamp media library is configured to rescan the folder to pick up new items.

    All I want is to be able to say play me genre podcast with playcount 0 - at the moment I have a Smart View in the media library which does just that and I can set it playing from within Winamp, and then control it from within RR, although the titles don't always seem to pull through correctly.

    I had a quick look at the sourcecode to see if there was anywhere obvious that I could modify the genre browse routine since I don't use it, to limit items to playcount 0 meaning I could just start genre podcast and it'd only play new ones, but that's not ideal anyway, and I didn't find any quick way to do it.

    Does anyone have any thoughts, or have I missed something blindingly obvious?


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    Thanks guino, you're a star

    I'll have a bash with it tomorrow, but it looks like it should do just the trick

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