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Thread: RR to have "UNDO" change to playlist/ "REVERT" to before change

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    Cool RR to have "UNDO" change to playlist/ "REVERT" to before change


    Just wondering if anyone else thinks that having RR keep the previous playlist as a 'temp' list would be a good idea. Basically, whenever RR Adds songs/creates a new playlist it erases the old one. It would be nice to have the ability to click UNDO, and retrieve the list in case of user error. My friends often (accidently) overwrite the list, instead of adding to it. And sometimes when driving, a HOLD turns into a PRESS and I overwrite the list myself. Also, sometimes people enjoy messing around in the audio browser and no matter how much i say "dont touch, you'll ruin the list", they DO! Unfortunately for me, no matter how sorry they are, the list doesnt come back and its now ME who is stuck with their crappy song playing. I would love to be able to press a button to go back to the previous list I had (3 seconds ago) and be able to make the changes there, rather than losing it entirely, and having to remember and sort through all the songs again.


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    why not just have your button save the playlist as like backup.m3u then have your undo button loadlist;backup.m3u Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    Thanks. So would I change the code for every button to include code which "saves to backup.m3u" and then a single UNDO button to "load backup.m3u"?

    I'm using freedom2.1, which loads songs if you single click, and Adds if you hold (file or directory). Any idea where to implement this?

    Thanks again.

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    You're better off making 2 buttons, one to save the backup when you want, and another to load it.. otherwise, if you make a auto-backup when adding a song or folder, it would still overwrite your backup playlist whenever you pressed it again (which is more than likely to happen). In simple words: if you make it automatically backup the playlist YOU make, it will also make it auto-back up the playlist your friends make.. which defeats the purpose of it all.
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    Usually I'm watching the LCD as my friends mess around. So whilst they say "Oh.. I'm just looking at your tracks" they inevitably end up pressing something and then going "Oh.. umm.. sorry.. I meant to add it" - rather than overwrite the old list. At this point I could just hit their hands away and press my undo button. Then instruct them how to correctly ADD not overwrite. Also, in the latter case - of me unintentionally overwriting - I could use it to simply jump back to the previous list. I DO want it to autobackup, as I think I only need 1 undo step for the feature to work how I want. If I make 2 mistakes in a row, then I dont deserve to have the old list back

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