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Thread: problem with winamp vol and radio spectrum analizer

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    problem with winamp vol and radio spectrum analizer

    hi to all, is possible to set winamp vol to zero when i open some sub-menu?(example radio) and then reset to the maximum once that within in skin music? I have applied a plugin that it allows me to visualize spectrum analizer also for the radio through winamp, only that that generates an annoying echo
    the plugin is:

    thank you and
    sorry for my bad english

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    You can set the buttons to do that.. like "AUDIO||SETVOL;Winamp;255" -- read more in skin commands.txt

    Also, that plugin is already used as an option for radio in RR.. and knowing how it works, I believe you do NOT want to mess with winamp's volumes -- what you want is to MUTE/UNMUTE the >>AUDIO LINE<< used to playback the audio -- which you can also do using the MUTE command also described in skin commands.txt
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