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Thread: RR Front End And Xm

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    RR Front End And Xm

    Need HELP!!, I am trying to control my XM through my carputer. RR is the frontend I am using; this is my problem/ problems. my head unit is a pioneer which controls my XM direct unit, I also have an XM Direct/Commander Interface Cable which I use to control the XM direct unit and I also have a AUX IN adapter in which I am using to get sound from the carputer via Y adapter with RCA jacks & 1/8Ē plug.
    The problem!! RR detects the XM Unit for a split second and then nothing, no sound, no XM display. All the other functions work, but the SAT. When I purchased the XM interface cable, it came with a program called "Exem" Itís a Hybrids stand alone XM Radio player, Which Works with the XM Interface Cable. This program does control the XM unit, but the only way Iíll get sound is to run the RCA cable directly from the XM unit into the radio via the AUX IN adapter, thus taking away my ability to have sound from the carputer. This defeats the purpose of having a carputer with the ability to control my XM unit. I like RR, but there must be something I am missing or not doing. Anyone, with any information on what I am not doing or need to do would be greatly welcomed.

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