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Thread: Is the skins forum getting to cluttered?

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    I would make things easier def
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnWPB View Post
    LS, I think you read it incorrectly.... The new section would be "new" and be titled "Released Skins", NOT "new released skins" The wording on the poll is a bit screwy there Enforcer and does lend some confusion .

    Hence the 'new' was all lower case and 'Released Skins Only' had capital letters at begininng of the words. Sorry for the confusion (can't believe I said that)

    Quote Originally Posted by GizmoQ View Post
    O.K. I agree 100%, now the hard part - define [hl]complete enough to be useful[/hl]. ...............Who sorts through the noise?
    Complete to be useful would be that it works.

    Each skin would be downloaded and tested by the Moderator(s) (no DP and Red this does not mean you ) and if it works and has the basics (this can be discussed or left upto the Mod(s)) then it's in.

    The Mod(s) sort out the noise

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnWPB View Post
    That is a question that came to my mind right away, and why I worded the post so carefully. and did not just say "Completed skins" as that is VERY hard to define for sure! Personally, I can not think of a skin that has been posted as "released" that does not have at least the very basic stuff. Main Menu (Mandatory for RR to use it actually) Audio browser & player, Video Browser & player. Thats enough to be "useful" in my opinion. Then the potential user can look at the list of features, and see if is enough for what they want. It couldn't be simpler.

    The following is just my opinion... nothing more, nothing less

    On the other hand, Lets try not to over complicate things. There are going to be exceptions and such, but the basic rule of thumb is to just weed out the vapor ware and questions, discussions, and even plugins, and have a "true" skin forum.

    The skin does not have to support everything Road Runner, or even be very good at all honestly, and is not some sort of contest, or best of the best in any way..... Its just a way to try to weed out all the clutter, and have some sort of standard, making it easier for people to choose a skin thats right for them. Currently skin info is all over the place! the "List of skins" thread, thats quite outdated, as one person has to edit and determine what one may be missing from the list. (With a new forum section, move the skin to that forum, and thats it.) There's the list on Guino's site, The current skin thread, and at least 3 other web pages I can think of that have tried to put everything in one place. Well this forum is the perfect place for this, and a "one stop shop" instead of going to multiple sites and trying to find the info.

    And, Yes, sorry, but if someone wants their skin in the new section, they will have to list it's main features and post a few screen shots. Thats just NOT that hard to do. 95% of the released skins authors have done this already. If they do not want to take the time to do it, its not the end of the world, as it will still be in the current skins forum.

    As to the skin you are referring to, no, all of that does not have to be done at all. In it's current thread, there are screen captures in the first post and some mention of features already. The additions from the users will still be in the thread, that anyone can download and add to the existing state of the released skin. This makes it very "simple"

    There just have to be some sort of guidelines in place.... There just has to be, and I personally think they need to be very very basic guidelines. Think about it, if there are no guidelines, rules, or format, & anyone can post any skin, completed or not....well........... We basically end up with the current skin forum, and don't have to do anything at all

    Quote Originally Posted by Valheru View Post
    I think this is a very good idea - especially for new people trying to find a "starter" skin to get them going. It does need some careful moderation and planning but I think it could work well.

    Personally (and this is just my tuppence worth) I think a mixture of suggestions from LS and JohnWPB would make the best solution.

    Firstly potential skins are presented / discussed etc in the normal skins forum. Once they are "completed" or judged ready to release by the author, they can request to have the thread moved to the new "Released Skins" forum by the good Enforcer who would perhaps also update a single list of "Released Skins" available as a sticky on the top of the new forum. This way we have a single (easy to read/navigate/find) list of released skins linking to the relevent threads in the same new "Released Skins" forum. To be released the thread must have as it's first post a screen shot of the skin, a list of it's working features, and a link to download it - not sure about having version numbers. The thread name should only contain the skin name. Relies should be allowed in the new forum but no new posts. [HL]And replies need to relate to that skin only ... no hijacking of the threads for other type questions ... this is where there needs to be a strong moderator available ... Are you still interested Enforcer ?[/HL]

    For a skin to be considered "Released" it needs as JohnWPB said, a main menu, audio player & browser and video player & broswer. All other functions should be optional extra's and I'm even starting to think that the video player & browser may even be optional as most people start off just wanting to manage / play their music collections !

    Anyway ... that's my take on the plan ... and I did also vote !
    Oh, no hijacking of the thread? Ok maybe I step down then?

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    God help us all if the MOD's start hi-jacking the forums ...

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    IF you follow the same format as used inthe show off your ride section, I think this could work.
    incomplete skins subforum and a completed skins subforum, in which you post your completed skin, after most or all of the bugs are taken care of. Then close your thread immediately, hence illiminating clutter and off topic subject. Maybe even a moderator to control what and who has access to post in the completed section.
    I suppose you could have 3 subs. Incomplete, Complete and Q&A or How to.

    But I do agree, the amount of un-released or incomplete skins is getting to be a phenomonal number and the off topic subject matter is also bordering out of control.
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    i lurk over at the forums a bit.. and they have a separate subfolder for skin releases... they ALSO have a tagging system for the posts... such as RELEASE, PREVIEW, HELP, etcetc..

    so each post title would be like:

    PREVIEW: My new skin I'm working on but probably wont release this century!!!
    RELEASE: Shock V10
    HELP: winamp wont play after installing 30/9/7 RR!!!!

    seems to work really well over there.
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    You know what I was thinking the same exact thing last night. I just reformatted and I was DLing skins again what a pain it was. I'm thinking something has to be done to improve this. I was going to start a thread but looks like you beat me to it.

    There should be a sub forum for release skins only. Like others have suggested, the title of the thread will be the name of the skin. In the thread there should be list of features and functioning parts, required plugins, optional add ons, screen shots and DL link. No one should be able to add comments to this thread; this keeps the forum clean and clutter free. If a new version of the skin is released or an update is madek, the original thread should be edited with the updated info added to it and the thread title changed to include the "updated mm/dd/yy" the only problem with this is that the thread will stay at whatever page or location the thread is at. We need to figure out a way to bump the thread back to the top so people are aware that the skin has been updated. this way new threads are always on top.
    If another user makes additions to the skin or the mods, they should pm the changes to the original skinner and they should add the information/mod to the release thread and bump it to the top.

    if people want to make comments about the skin there can be a separate thread in the other forum for discussion. The skin can link that thread in the release thread if they wish.
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    Personally, I don't think having the skins in a thread, and the discussion somewhere else... thats scattering stuff around again. The sub-forum is a way to organize the skins.

    Just make the sub forum, where only a mod can create a thread, and anyone can reply, ask questions about the skin, report bugs ect.

    The first post is the list of features, screen captures ect. If someone is interested, they can DL it right there, and read others comments, post questions and all in the same place.
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    How about a sticky at the top for completed skins. In this sticky the Mod only updates it with the links to the threads. There is a thread already somewhere that someone was trying to do this. I think it would be important to add the date the skin was sompleted too.
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    Good Idea, a sticky. Actually allready done, but keeping it really isnt updated often or recently
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    Yes, if anyone is up to the task of keeping the stickies updated, please let me know.. I have a hard time already just trying to answer posts often enough..
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