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Thread: RR laggy- How to optimize RR for a slow system and what skin to use

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    There are alot of people on these forums still using this type of slow outdated setup.
    As guino said also use a skin with out a ton of labels, surprisingly too many labels on a menu screen can slow down the way things work as well.
    Be sure to not strip down XP too far. Some components that you would think are un-necessary to run maybe necessary for RR to run consistent and smooth....
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    Sorry to thread jack


    I believe it's the new RR and the new RR config.

    I have done a system restore to a previous version of RR, and when i hit the volume buttons, the respond immediately... in face i can see each number whiz by from 0-10.

    In the newest version it delays, and when i hold the button down, it can jump from 0-100 a few seconds later, as it seems there's no response.

    I'm not accusing anyone here, but that's what worked for me. I can't really imagine why though.

    BTW my specs are listed in profile, with a 11 second cold boot so i assume the PC is not that slow.

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