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Thread: Custom App for my Road Runner...

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    Custom App for my Road Runner...

    Probably of no interest to anyone, but I wanted the ability to display various information in my RR. Why? Well my RR is on the dashboard of my motorhome and we visit loads of countries and can never remember the speed limits, height and width of our van, breakdown and insurance contact numbers etc for each country. I also like to monitor the fuel, but had problems getting fuel plug ins to work so I wrote a mini app to run inside my RR to collect everything I want. Probably absolutely no use to anyone else but thought I'd put a few images up of it running anyway.

    When it runs inside RR the olive background is transparent so you can see the skin behind it. At the moment you need a keyboard for adding most of the info EXCEPT the fuel - we have a mini keyboard on the dash. Most of the fields are user definable and it rescales itself to whatever screen resolution you run in.

    All the info is saved in text files and it works in Imperial / US and Metric measurements.
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