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Thread: how do I set up blue tooth phone?

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    how do I set up blue tooth phone?

    Ok, I did a search and couldn't find any info on how to set up RR config to use my bluetooth phone.

    I have my blue tooth dongle working and set up,

    I'm running RR with iguidance skin. the bluetooth phone I want to try is a razor on T-mobile. I have not tried it yet but i'm assuming I need to set something in RR config?

    what do I set the "paths" to in RR config?

    or can I just try to connect in RR with my phone (i haven't tried it yet)
    my other question is since I'm new to bluetooth, can I use multiple devices with the single Dongle? can it run two things at once? like if i got a bluetooth keyboard like the Igo, could I still use a bluetooth phone in RR at same time?


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    Yes, you can use multible devices with one dongle. To use the Razr with freeFone, you will need the Motorola USB Modem Driver and plug in the USB cable to control the phone.
    You can use the bluetooth on the Razr to connect to the PC as headset. The Razr has only ONE connection at the time. Search for P2k to get the modem Driver.

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    so road runner uses freephone? so I can't use bluetooth with it?

    Ok, now what is using the razor as a headset through bluetooth exactly mean?
    do I have to actually buy a bluetooth headset? (but i guess that's a good think if I can use it as my mic, as I don't have a mic yet)

    what kind of interface through the PC do i use to dial or recieve?

    thanks for your help.


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