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Thread: Problem with RR (started with Digital FX) (Freezing, music still plays)

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    so when we delet this will the zip still work i have been haveing this problem i will delet it today and post updates latter

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    yes, deleting the file makes RR use it's built in function to work with the zip codes.
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    that did the trick thank's for the help

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    After almost giving up on RoadRunner due to random lockups (no matter what skin) I had moved on to another FE. I had searched for many different versions of "lockup" and gave up. Then I happened across this thread just by luck. It fixed my problem with RR, and now I'm a happy RR user.

    You might want to consider giving this much more visibility, or better yet, kill the violating DLL altogether and make it an option should someone need it. Otherwise, the unsuspecting newcomer (I hate Nube, or Newb, Noob, as it implies the negative and I can even give you some better ones we used in the US Cavalry if you don't mind the obscenities) like me could get the wrong idea. I was to the point of adding extra heat sinks and bigger fans thinking I had a possible overheating problem.

    lockup freeze freezing crash crashed locked broke busted

    (maybe those words will hit someone else searching for a variation of Locked-up)

    Thanks JKRepps for the thread!

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    I am the author of the ZipLocator.dll. At least one version ago of RR many people tested this DLL and it worked fine. I know of a few people that were using it regularly. I really don't understand what has changed that would cause the DLL to start application crashes (system crashes?).

    The DLL definitely helped when the zips.dat file was very large and you were far away from the center of a zip code. Made significant improvements in search time.

    The DLL is just the Visual Basic code guino wrote for RR but re-written in C for speed. There's not much to it.

    Although, I have to admit with the latest version of RR, I too have stopped using it since the response time is great...and that's with no other changes except updating RR.

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    Good to know, thanks guys!
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    I too have freezing issues. It seemed to happen anytime I did anything related to the gas finder app. I am going to remove the dll and see what happens. THanks


    @GasPath... Thanks for the keywords. I wouldn't have found this thread without them

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    Same Freezing Winamp Issue but with Phoco/Freefone

    I'm experiencing something like what has been described here. When I receive a call using either Phoco or Freefone (same behavior with both) the music is paused. Then when I hangup Winamp behaves weird. Looks like it gets a command to continue to play, but it does not. If I manually hit the play button, the song goes to the beginning. If I stop and close RR I still see a process winamp.exe and if I not terminate it manually it will make RR restart to crash.Then I can not restart until the process is removed.
    Any help will be appreciated.


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    deleting ziplocator.dll worked for me. Thanks! Maybe it is causing problems if you are outside of US?
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    155 having the same problem with im going to delete that file and i hope all works out just fine!

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