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Thread: RR Full Screen Visualization Command/Window Message

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    RR Full Screen Visualization Command/Window Message

    Hi, I know there is a command FULLAVS for running AVS visualization plugin full screen, but what if i am using some other visualization plugin....say for example G-Force how can i make it run full screen using an RR command and/or window message.


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    Currently, you'd have to figure out which keyboard shortcuts toggle it to full screen then use the ACTIVATE and SENDKEY commands to simulate that into the vis. Or use the mouse/touchscreen to toggle it directly on the vis itself. The FULLAVS is really meant for AVS only (extra work added due to its popularity).
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    Thanx guino can you give me an example of what the command will look like?....Lets say if the visualizations were to go into full screen mode by the keyboaard shoruct ALT+ENTER.
    Sorry I am new to RR....

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    Hello Harry,

    try {ALT}{ENTER}

    or {ALT}~

    good luck

    ps Don't apologise for being new. . . . . we all were once !

    Welcome, and lets hope you become a contributor in the near future.

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