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Thread: screen resolution with a tablet

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    screen resolution with a tablet

    Hi, i'm new to RR. I have got it installed with Fx 2.0, booting straight to RR and playing songs, i can check my weather and email thru the wifi in my house. But the problems i am having for this message would be on the screen resolutions.

    Tablets have the ability to rotate the screen, and since i am looking to mount my tablet pc to the roof of my van i want it to run natively upside down, or 180* rotation. I had RR running in native 800X600 0* rotation, but when i started playing with the resolution settings i really messed things up, colors screen size etc. What interested me was one of the settings it was still messed up but it started up in the 90* rotated position. How can i get RR to boot into the upside down setting? and also what res do you guys usually use with a full sized screen?

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    I'd say this is something you have to do in your video card's drivers.. RR can change the resolution for you much like the Standard "settings" tab in the desktop properties -- but it can not do anything "extra" that you may find in the "Advanced" button of that same tab. You'd probably have to change the "default" settings for a resolution or something like that.. then just have RR leave the resolution alone by removing the resolution= line in RR.INI.
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