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Thread: weather updates while on the road

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    weather updates while on the road

    I can access the weather screen while sitting at home, but how do you guys get weather updates while on the road? does RR save the last data it had or will weather just now work if it doesn't have a connection?

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    i use a motorola Q teathered to my carpc from verizon

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    You still have the data try "RELOADWEATHER" command, this will show you last download of weather, I also use it to get the lastest weather, which then shows on my main skin.

    If you want up the minute weather I did the same, SE w810i tethered with a MSI Starkey bluetooth dongle. The cellphone works as a modem. You can automatically download the weather xml, but I have set it up to ask to dial, data is expensive in Canada. It is just hitting an "OK" key then it dials.

    You can also have a set time for it to disconnect, mine is set to 1 minute, then not matter what it will disconnect in 60 seconds.

    Costs me 15 to 20 cents/weather update, not bad but dont want the modem open downloading stuff randomly. There are horror stories up here where people get charged like $3,000 in data usage lol.

    Configuration takes a bit of trial and error, no worries as there is no charge until you figure it out and actually transfer data.
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    as long as it can hold the weather from when i started that should be good for 90% of the time i'm driving, thanks.

    AH HA! I'm moving to philly! city wide wifi!

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