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Thread: Automapa europe embedding

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    Automapa europe embedding

    Hi guys..

    I have found a great gps solutions foreurope - automapa, originally designed for poland, it works great with the UK and maps for all over europe...very simliar to iguidance 2.1.2 but more up to date!

    I use the transparent digital fx sin, and love the way it integrates mapmonkey and iguidance, and was just wondering if there was a way to embed another kind of gps software - in this case automapa?

    it can run in a window - i'm just not sure how to resize it?

    Any help would be great.


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    Any luck?
    Seems when I try to run it in RR, it crashes RR

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    Need help too

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    I have the following settings, and automapa is working great.

    GPS Settings

    GPS Mode = External
    GPS Path = C:\Program Files\AutoMapa EU\tpcam.exe
    GPS Window Name = Automapa TPC
    Map Monkey Path = To set path, Click --->

    Skin Commands

    /This is the Window location and size (Note: The AutoMapa window cannot be resized any smaller than 650x485)
    /, A, x, y, w, h, color R;RGB, G, B

    /this is the 'Hole' in the skin in which to place the window.
    /, C, x, y, w, h

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