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Thread: How do I use Custom Lists?

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    So far what I have done, JohnWPB quoted as saying

    "and results are damn fast!
    damn fast.... as in instant!
    from what I can see, its FAST as sh$t, tightly integrated.....
    what more could one ask for?!"

    So execpt this to be a huge plugin...
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    Quote Originally Posted by guino View Post
    The Dir list used for browsing is NOT the same list used for a custom list.. so you can't really mess with it like that.. you can however trick your settings to make it look like you're doing that.. just use SETPATH to set it direct to your music folder, then setlist to select the artist/album/genre accordingly and browse to go into it -- all in sequence.. similarly, use setpath to browse the location of your music... the cost of this is to set your music path in RRConfig to a blank folder, and then use setpath to load browse the location where your music is actually at..
    It's nice that I have that option. Not to keen on leaving the musicpath blank.

    I'll wait to see what blue comes up with.

    For the meantime, I'll try what you suggest on my one-off and put that on my wishlist for the released version of my skin.

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