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Thread: I need help sony ericson on freefone.

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    I need help sony ericson on freefone.

    I have learned of your real much for this reason I thank you as firstly.

    i begin first whit software. dat is whit road runner. i download it and i setup everything. i download freefone 1.4 too. i buy sony ericson k 750 i and begin my problem. i have connect whit Bt (widcomm whit 5.01.801) i can read my contacts, i can see called number... I can cal whit my freefone is not problem but when he answer i can hear from my pc. when incaming call i can see in call but i cant somtimes answer when it luck i didnt hear it again.
    and i can never hang up. so i think my sonyericson is not good.and i buy sony ericson w 810 i. it has same problem.

    i cand find debug.txt to read and put it here. i buy this sony ericson fhones only for this freefone. i have got qtek 9090 and mda pro they dondt works whit freefones.

    pleas help me what can i doe?

    in advance thanks.

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    did you read all of the freefone thread?

    you might want to try changing the phone mode from 3 to 2 or 1?

    that's just a guess. (the phone mode number in your settings.ini file which is in your "skin" folder))

    it should have all of this......

    #### Com port number of your serial link via bluetooth / cable to your mobile ####



    #### Autoclose, closes freefone if roadrunner isnt running ####


    #### Answer and Hangup AT Commands, use *** to show where the dialed number should be.. ie ATD150; is ATD***; ####


    #### phonemode = 1-BREAK 2-DTR(default) 3-RTS ####


    see the above phonemode=2? change that to a 3 or 1 if you have a 2 and etc.

    Not sure if this will help, as your english is kind of hard to understand so I'm not sure what your problem is.

    you do realize that there is no audio gateway yet so you can't hear the calls through the pc, right?

    I've tried emailing and PM'n cdrskull but he's not had time to answer me on a few questions either so anyways, good luck.


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