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Thread: Embedding Iguidance v2 - For idiots :)

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    Embedding Iguidance v2 - For idiots :)

    Okay guys, have been searching and reading for a while - and just seem to be missing something.

    I have Iguidance v2 running by pressing the "gps" button in RR, but I can't seem to get rid of the file, tool bars.

    Is "embedding" different from just listing the file/path through RR config?

    I have read about reshacking the iguidance.exe, a skinbedder, a iglaunch and just not sure what I am supposed to do.

    I also added this line to my rr.ini

    So am I missing a thread where this is spelled out for idiots?

    So far the steps I have done are:

    1. Adjusted the iguidance file path to "c:\program files\inav\iguidance\iguidance.exe|nowarning" to remove the nag warning on startup.
    2. RR config - complete "gps path" to above and "gps window name" to iguidance
    3. Added "ignative=true" to the rr.ini

    Is Iglaunch a program file? I couldn't find a link to the download if so.

    Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

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    Looks like you need some help...

    Path is ok, but if you use the ignative setting then you don't need the "\nowarning" as that is built into RR. You do have the wrong window title, should be "iGuidance" the g is capital.

    Give that a try and we'll go from there....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue ZX3 View Post
    Looks like you need some help...
    That is an understatement. I will try what you suggest and post back, thanks for the help.

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    Check the FAQ. I think I have it cover very well in there.
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    Thanks, I have no idea how I missed the FAQ. Searched around forever. Do the FAQ's come up in a general search?

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