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Thread: HD Radio Mod: Power Antenna Trigger

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    for those worried about doing the mod and losing the antenna out fear not!

    I split my factory antenna harness with adapters, and plug it directly into the OEM radio and the HD Radio in and it works perfect on both units, kinda cool I can swap between the OEM AM/FM tuner and the AUX input which is what I am feeding the carPC to and hear the difference in the OEM vs. HD in real time on the same station

    So yeah, forget passing the antenna through the HD tuner if you want this mod and need antenna on 2 sources. Just use something along the lines of this:

    cool mod, thx for posting!
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    yes, RTS, but u might have to invert it... i forget
    beeen a long time since i had to look at the details of my own cable

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